Agent 109 you are being sent via XXXXXXXX to the Crimson Cabaret in West Berlin on the evening of XXXXXXX XXXember 1963 to intercept informant XXXXXXXXX XXXXX.

The nature of this XXXXXXXXXX is highly confidential. Be wary - the opposition will be in the field and the threat is imminent. Please be aware that you will be undercover at all times, and around members of the general public.

We understand that the Cabaret is being run by a key figure in the XXXXXXXXXXX. Your mission will be supported by XXXXXXXX in the field, though their roles may be separate to yours on the night. Regardless XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX and tango XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX forfeit XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX XXX XXXXXX.


Tonight we live Dangerously.

Are you ready?